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Three Easy Tips for Photographing Men

men get his comfortable

I love photographing men. I enjoy watching their confidence evolve throughout our photo shoot. Plus, they just look good when you catch them in the right light. Here are a few tips to help you when you are photographing men:

Get Him Comfortable

If he is having a hard time relaxing, put him in his element. Find out what his hobbies are and find a way to incorporate them in the shoot. Take a few test shots so he can get a feel for how you direct your photography shoots and his poses. Also, get him laughing to lighten the mood. Genuine smiles always make for better portraits.


During the entire photo shoot, talk to him about something he is interested in. This will help him maintain a relaxed posture and help you capture the kinds of portraits he wants.

 Find Out What He Wants His Portraits to Say About Him

Speaking of the kinds of portraits he wants, what is the purpose of the shoot and how does he want to look?


Is he going for professional, sexy, friendly or trustworthy? Find out ahead of time. Not only will this help you build a positive rapport with your subject, it will also help you both be on the same page in regards to expectations for the session. The more you communicate, the better. You will know where to take his portraits and how to help him look his best in each picture.

 Select Poses to Accentuate His Strengths

Men look best when they are square to the camera. Whatever you are trying to accentuate should be closest to the camera. For men, this is their chest and shoulders. You don’t have to worry as much about high contrast lighting in male portraits if you are creating a certain mood. In fact, the angles in a man’s face tend to look great in this kind of light.


Also, pay attention to what is going on with their hands. Either have him put his hands in his pockets or have his hands in a slight fist. If you are accentuating strength in your pictures, do not have men put their hands on their hips. It tends to look feminine and not flattering at all.

As the photographer, it is our job to help our subjects look good and be comfortable in their photos. Have fun with your sessions, but remember to do your homework and set yourself and your subject up for success. Clear expectations and constant communication are the key.


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